Thursday, December 16, 2010

Photo # 260

Teddy Bears for kids...

Tomorrow morning (Friday Dec. 17) local radio station The Zone is hosting a big toy drive for underprivileged children here in Victoria. My wife and I have decided that we want to participate, so I went to a toy store this afternoon and found these four cute and cuddly bears. When I was young there were a few Christmases that would not have happened without the charitable donations of strangers, so I know what a difference just one toy could make for a child in a struggling family. I've decided to make it a holiday tradition from this year onward to try to pay that generosity forward by donating to toy drives like this one whenever I can.

I went with teddy bears because I know just how quickly a stuffed animal can become a best friend to a kid, a friend who will always be there to play with and talk to and share adventures with (think Calvin & Hobbes). They got a huge "Awwwww! They're adorable!" from my wife when she first saw them, and if whoever gets them has the same reaction then that's all I need this holiday.

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