Friday, February 25, 2011

Photo #331

Hey hey!
A vacation in Mexico was just what the doctor ordered, and now I'm ready to make that last push to my goal of reaching Photo Number 365. I have less than a month to go!
While I may have taken SO many photos on our trip, I still took the time to live the life and see the sights with my own eyes and not just through the camera's lens. So, since I'm a week behind here, I'm going to back date my next several posts until I've caught up. One or two photos from each day I was gone will be presented here, and of course many more (but not all) will end up on my Facebook page over the next few days. Okay? Okay.

I'll start with our home away from home in Puerto Vallarta, our 10th floor room at the Friendly Hola Vallarta Resort...

And part of the view...

W.O 365

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