Monday, May 10, 2010

Photo # 40

Any guesses what this is...?

The answer will be in the comments. (After I've had a few guesses.)

W.O 365


  1. I see METAL lots and lots of METAL lol

  2. Well, that's really more of an observation than a guess. :)

    Ok, I guess this is too hard. Not very many people ever get to see something like this in real life. What you're looking at is one of several former storage tanks for giant spools of under sea fiber optic communication cables. The red metal frame on the right is what miles and miles of cable would have been wrapped around. The tank is about 15 feet tall. The electric motors on the left actually used to be up above the tanks and would either pull the cable up and onto those white rails, where it would be fed through a hatch on the wall and out onto the waiting ship or load a new supply of cable down into the giant tanks in a neat spiral.
    These machines haven't been used for quite a few years and the old cables were only just loaded out of here this past season. All that remains are these giant steel tanks and rusted old motors.