Thursday, May 13, 2010

Photo # 43

As I promised last week, the view from the roof of the 24 storey tall Orchard House. As a special bonus, I'm throwing in a few extra photos to give you a panorama of Victoria.
This is looking West towards Ogden Point, Esquimalt and Colwood way out there in the background.

The view continues Northwest towards the James Bay area and the Inner Harbour.

Looking Northward to Downtown Victoria. In the distance, on the left, is Mount Douglas.

Looking East. You can't see my apartment building through the trees, but I live at the top of the hill just left of the two tall buildings.

And finally, this is the Southern view. Trial Island is out in the distance and the Juan De Fuca Strait stretches out to the horizon.

W.O 365


  1. Extra cool events always allow more 365 bonus photos.

  2. I figured this was a worthy exception. :)