Monday, March 21, 2011

Photo #355

Being a painter and not having a car can be a bit of a hassle sometimes. Like with any trade, sometimes there can be a lot of tools or safety gear (and let's not forget my lunch) that I may have to bring to a job site, depending on the scope of work. Thankfully Victoria is a small enough city to easily get around by bicycle, bus or on foot. Most of the time I can manage by carrying my most basic tools (brushes, knives, scrapers, etc) and my lunch in an average backpack, but sometimes I need a lot more. Rain gear, hardhat, safety vest, caulking gun, respirator, and so on. Thank goodness the company I work for brings the ladders and heavy equipment to the sites.
So, for those big jobs, I finally went out and bought a bigger bag...

It's actually a rolling duffel. A little handle slides up from the top so I can roll it along like airline luggage. Or, if I can't roll it, I can carry it horizontally like a regular duffel. I even got it on sale for 50% off! My coworkers bet I could carry a 5 gallon paint pail in this thing!
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