Thursday, January 13, 2011

Photo #287

There's supposed to be a bookcase here...

In the time I've been living in my new home I've slowly been finding efficient ways to use the tiny 8x8' room that is our den. It's one of those projects I didn't want to do all at once right when I moved in. I needed to live here for a while and get a feel for the room and how best to use the space. After hanging my guitars on the wall and moving my amplifier, I've managed to free up this little corner to the right of my desk for a nice, tall bookcase.
The problem is, the bookcase isn't here yet. I bought it yesterday and was told next day delivery, but such is not the case. I'm sure it will get here tomorrow, and for now you folks get a lovely picture of empty floorspace.
I know I'm still one photo behind where I should be, but if I get the bookcase tomorrow I'll post 2 back to back "pre & post assembly" photos to catch up. Fingers crossed.

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